Final Avenir Poster


Poster’s gotta start somewhere: I foresee Avenir in my Future


I have a ways to go but I really like that Avenir means future. So I am using it!

Suitcase Ink transfer take one: call it Goof Off

After weeks, I mean seriously weeks of designing the DADA manifesto, I do a test print of my work onto the “perfect” suitcase and it looks pretty good— I put the next piece of the text onto the suitcase and it was awful, illegible — and smeared! what a disaster. Because I am a strong willed person— I finished transferring the ink but it was not successful. Goof off is not only a terrible smell to take in for six hours but its ability to transfer ink does not trump the texture of an old stained suitcase.


I will be back to show you how gel medium works!